Wave Radon Detector: The Best for your Home

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radon detector


Studies have shown that radon is one of the leading causes of respiratory-related diseases such as lung cancer. Its exposure has been linked to many other health problems such as dizziness, irritation, feeling sick always, headaches, and much more. However, many people including you are unaware that this radon gas is floating around your home and it is undetected because you are not a professional in the field.

The first step to prevent and control radon exposure indoor is by getting your home tested for the gas. Due to the high cost associated with radon testing, many homeowners are currently using a local method of a charcoal canister to test for radon, but this can only be accurate for short-term measurement and needed to be sent to a laboratory for real examination. This method is time-consuming and does not guarantee the best result. Thanks to the new technology that helps to detect radon on the go.

This device is called “Wave Radon Detector” and it was designed to keep track of humidity, temperature, and radon levels in homes for the safety of the entire household from one of the world deadliest pollutants “radon”. With Wave Radon Detector, you and your family are protected from toxic gas, radon, which is ever present in every home today.

The Wave Radon Detector monitors the levels of radon in the indoor air quality. This post aims to bring to you the importance of Wave Radon Detector and why it is the best for a home to help keep radon gas at bay. What is the working principle and features that make it special? Every home is expected to have a radon detector which is mobile and detect every trace of radon and other related indoor air pollutants in the home. Continue reading this post as you unveil more facts about this device.

Wave Radon Detector

What is Wave Radon Detector/Measurement?

Wave Radon Detector is a smart radon gas detector or a new innovation that senses and indicates your home radon levels. This device can effectively work with or without a smartphone but the feature is incorporated into it. Radon gas is one of the known air contaminants that alter the quality of indoor air. With Wave Radon Detector, you can live a comfortable life that is free of radon gas, as the device detects any traces of radon gas in your home so you can take a step to remove the pollutant from your home.

Radon always constitutes air pollution indoor because it is odorless and colorless but causes many serious health problems to the occupants. This device is accurate, effective, and unaffected by any external factors. You only need to wave a hand close to the detector and it would display a detailed statistics of your home radon levels on your tablet or smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity. Wave Radon Detector works together with a smartphone only to get information about the result of what it senses. How does Wave Radon Detector perform this task? This will be discussed next in this post.

Wave Radon Detector Measurments

How Wave Radon Detector Works

The Wave Radon Detector is like a smoke detector in nature. It is 1.4 inches tall and 4.6 inches wide with a ring around its edge. It is equipped with a speaker indicated by multiple pinholes on the face panel. Its sensors are located at the edge of the panel. Wave Radon Detector has hidden indicating LED light situated at the center of the device.

The colors of the indicators are green, red, and green; their functions are to signify based on the air quality of the area when you wave your hand over Wave Radon Detector. The indicator light gives you warning sign of the potential presence of radon gas at the particular place. The color of light flashes is based on the intensity of radon gas at that particular area; the “green” light indicates healthy and allowable radon levels, the “yellow” light indicates the presence of temporary high radon levels, while the “red” light indicates unhealthy and dangerous radon levels.

This device is usually mounted on the ceiling or walls of the home. It is powered by two AA batteries; hence, no wiring is needed for it to work. The rear of the panel has a magnetic cover to stick to the ceiling or wall with the help of a screw. What makes Wave Radon Detector unique in operation is its compatibility with Android or iOS app for easy tracking of air quality of your home. The device and App connect via Bluetooth to give statistics of your home radon levels, humidity, and temperature in a color-coded language that can be easily understood. You can view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly measurements in the mobile app and use the data to take the necessary steps to protect your home and loved ones from the dangerous radon gas.

Wave Radon Detector Features and Specifications

The device is equipped with many attractive features and specifications that make it perform its functions optimally. Its’ Bluetooth enabled feature is the most attractive features based on the customers’ reviews. This feature provides tracking system with on-the-go radon level updates. Even without a tablet or smartphone, updates can be received in your mailbox. There are other features and specifications that make Wave Radon Detector a must to have in the homes. They are:

  • It utilizes digital sensors
  • It can provide detailed reading hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. This can as well be presented in a chart form.
  • It is affordable and can be easily installed
  • It can be run on both Android and iOS app with wireless connective
  • Powered by two AA batteries, up to 11/2-year life
  • Automatic and seamless updates via Bluetooth connectivity
  • Equipped with humidity and temperature sensors
  • Accurate display of intuitive color codes
  • Radon levels detection alert can be given through an audio sound

Wave Radon Detector Significant in your Home

The benefits of Wave Radon Detector cannot be overemphasized in keeping you alert for any radon presence in your home. High exposure to radon gas can expose you and your household to many health problems such as lung cancers, and other related health effects. The vital part of indoor air pollutants is the ability to detect their presence in the home. With the use of this device, you tend to save cost on hospital bills, and even prevent early death by getting rid of radon gas as it occurs. Wave Radon Detector has the features to help sense radon level of your home with a view to taking action immediately.

Wow…this is awesome. Where can I get Wave Radon Detector for my home?

Relax! Wave Radon Detector is available online but you only need to choose the quality one to get the best result for your home. You can order online and get it delivered to your home. If you need Wave Radon Detector and as well as other radon mitigation devices, click here.


Wave Radon Detector from Simon Air Quality gives you the best result of your home radon levels directly on your tablet or smartphone, or even delivered to your email box. Install Wave Radon Detector to keep your home alert of any radon level presence. For more indoor air quality information, you can contact us.

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