4 Super Awesome Benefits – Removing Radon From Homes During a Real Estate Transaction.

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Sold Red Home

When it comes to selling a home, remediating the home of radon is something every home seller, home buyer, realtor, or real-estate lawyer should definitely consider. The reasons for this are plenty, many of which will be mentioned in this article. Unless your home is raised up above the ground, all these reasons will apply. To measure and/or remove the radon from a home up for sale will never diminish the value of the home and will only provide enormous benefit to everyone involved in the process. Let’s take a look at the four benefits below:

1) Remediating Radon is Quick, Easy, and Simple To Do.
That’s right, resolving any radon issue is not impossible or difficult by any means. In fact, a radon measurement can be done in just two days. That includes placing the device and receiving the results. If the person analyzing the device following the measurement period is slow, then it may take an extra day, but generally speaking, it takes no longer than an hour or two to analyze the device and produce results in the form of a report. If you are using a digital monitor, the result is provided instantly. Now when it comes to remediating your house of radon, that whole process takes less than a day to achieve. So in total, a house can be subjected to measurement and then remediated of radon in only 3 days at the earliest.

2) After The Radon Removal System is Installed, Occupants Are Safe.
Since a properly installed radon removal system is so effective at removing radon (at least 90%), then occupants will no longer have to worry about the harmful effects of radon ever again. Occupants can feel safe and happy knowing they are living in a home with the lowest amount of radon possible.

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3) A Properly Remediated House is More Attractive to Buyers.
Since radon is present in every single house, then a house with little to no radon will be more attractive in comparison. Think about it… Radon exists in every single house, everywhere. So, if you lived in a neighborhood where your house was the only house that had a radon mitigation system in place and working fine, then, by comparison, your home would be safer and healthier for the occupants; therefore, it would be worth more than all the other houses in the same neighborhood.

4) Remediating A House of Radon Before It’s Sold Will Avoid Any Potential Liability in The Future For All Parties.
Since the awareness on radon is growing, home-buyers who have recently purchased a home do not want to learn that the house they bought has high levels of radon. Some of them will feel deceived or mislead; therefore, leading to a potential lawsuit. The new homeowner may sue the previous owner, the realtor, or the real-estate lawyer for not disclosing the high radon issue prior to closing. In addition, if the new homeowner becomes sick because of this, then the health-related costs could be astronomical. To avoid any potential liability, and to keep the new occupants safe and healthy, it’s best to remediate the house of radon before the sale is finalized.

Sold Red Home

As our beloved Mike Holmes says, the question is not “Is there radon in this house?”, but instead the question is “How much radon is in this house?”. This is because radon exists in every single house, building, condo, apartment – you name it. It is an unavoidable, radioactive gas that will not go away on its own. Because our government, with the help of many non-profit organizations, are doing more and more research on radon in our communities, the awareness/information on radon will only continue to grow and spread. In the United States, addressing radon issues is more prevalent. Houses are being mitigated of radon as a stipulation to selling all the time – every single day. To be proactive and address radon issues right away results in a win/win outcome for all parties involved. It avoids future lawsuits and liabilities. It helps to prevent lung cancer from the second leading cause. It boosts the integrity of, and improves the reputation of, any realtor or real-estate lawyer involved. On top of all that, remediating any house of radon is easy, affordable, and quick to do – it would take significantly less time to remediate a house of radon than it would remediate a house of asbestos. There are just too many reasons not to address any radon issue during a real estate transaction; moreover, with Simon Air Quality at the front lines, nothing but optimal results and high-quality work is provided!

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  1. Jonathan Stokes

    Great article! Indoor air quality is not a trivial thing anymore, and has been associated with growing health complications. If it comes to radioactive gases, the situation is further aggravated. Real estate owners indeed need to consider an indoor air quality check before moving in. A lot of times, construction, paint and repair activities also lead to build up of harmful particles and fumes in the air.

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