Consider having your house mitigated of radon if it exceeds the guideline set out by Health Canada (200 Bq/m³). If you are someone who has been recently diagnosed with lung cancer and you want to improve your chances of beating it, then a great place to start would be in the home where you plan on living long-term. By improving the conditions within our own living environment, we can facilitate healing of the mind, body, and spirit. 

To know that radon is re-directed to the outside, before it even enters your home and affects your health, is a great feeling. After mitigating your home of radon, those especially affected by radon – smokers, patients, elderly, children – will no longer have to worry about breathing in the harmful gas without knowing. 

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We at Simon Air Quality have the experience, skills, equipment, and insight to overcome any radon-related gas problem. We have installed many radon reduction systems all over Ontario within homes, businesses, and apartment buildings. 

Our service and customer satisfaction is second to none as we have only 5 star reviews and excellent testimonials. Our certified technicians are passionate and provide only the best service. We truly care about our customers and their homes/buildings.

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-Residential Homes
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-Passive Radon Mitigation
-Radon Resistant Features in New Homes
-VOC Mitigation and Vapor Intrusion
-Commercial Properties

What To Do:

  1. Call us at 613-866-2092
  2. Tell us about your radon concerns and what you would like done.
  3. Ask us ANY questions you like about radon.
  4. We go to your house and perform a quick, 10 minute assessment.
  5. We provide you with a super competitive estimate by email.
  6. If you like it and would like to proceed with the installation of the radon mitigation system to lower the radon levels as low as possible, then let us know and we will schedule you in on our next available day – installs only take one day to complete.
  7. A team of two certified technicians will arrive on that scheduled day/time with all the necessary equipment and materials to perform the installation.
  8. Live healthy and happy in your own home knowing radon will not harm you, EVER.

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