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So you want to test your home for radon and you are not entirely sure whether it’s best to go out and buy a “do it yourself” home radon testing kit from the local hardware store like home hardware or home depot, or if you should hire a professional to handle it for you. Well like anything else, there are pluses and there are minuses. It is always the individuals responsibility to weigh the positives and negatives, using the knowledge provided, to decide on the best approach possibly. Hopefully the following list will be helpful and/or reassuring to those who are serious about having their home or place of work tested for radon. I have included Simon Air Quality’s prices for comparison purposes.



  • Cost effective: range in price from $50.00 to $100.00 for a one time radon test which usually includes the lab fee. If you prefer a continuous radon monitor, those retail between $250 and $300 before tax. They continuously provide a short-term and long-term radon reading. Simon AIr Quality sells a CRM for $260 before tax.
  • It would be the home-owners responsibility to purchase the device, deploy the device appropriately in the best place, and then ship the device to the lab. If the device is not deployed properly, or if the device is tampered with during the testing period, it will skew the results. After the lab analyzes the device, which could take a few days or a few weeks, the lab sends you the results. Some reviews left, regarding these DIY kits online, claim the lab hadn’t even sent them the results.
  • If the home improvement store or hardware store doesn’t have any in stock, you will have to order one and wait until it arrives at the store to pick it up.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control: Was the device manufactured from a credible and reliable company? How would you know? What is the accuracy variance on the device? Is it 5%, 10%, or maybe 15%? Also, logistics play a big role in quality assurance. Poor packaging and delivery of the device could result in a huge skew of results.


Professional Radon Technician

  • Costs more for a one-time, short or long-term, radon measurement. Simon Air Quality charges $299. 
  • A radon measurement professional will deploy the detector in the optimal location at the right time. He/she will also know how to handle and protect the device during transportation and testing periods.
  • A radon company will always have a test on hand, waiting to be deployed. Companies also may provide a variety of detectors that utilize different methods of detection. Each one has their advantages and disadvantages. Simon Air Quality provides the eperm system, which can not only facilitate short-term AND long-term measurements, but it also allows the technician to analyze the device themselves instead of shipping the device off to a lab, having an unknown lab analyze the device, and then waiting for results to come back. This way, Simon Air Quality can provide results 1 day after picking up the detector from the customers house. Simon Air Quality also provides protective cases for the radon detector to be placed in during the testing period to avoid tampering or accidental damage. All 3 of these features optimize quality assurance and quality control; thus providing the most realistic radon measurement possible.
  • A radon measurement professional knows how to perform radon measurements inside different places: offices, schools, homes, apartments, recreational facilities, retirement homes, daycares, etc. The protocol for the technician to follow during deployment of devices may be different depending on the place where they are being deployed.
  • A certified radon professional will be able to answer all your questions and will be available afterwards to address any possible, additional concerns.


I hope this helps in your search. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call! https://www.simonairquality.com/contact

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  1. Ellie Davis

    It’s interesting to know that hiring a radon measurement professional will know how to perform inspections effectively inside offices, schools, and homes. My neighbor hired a radon test company, and we are looking for advice about its benefits. I will let him know about the benefits of a radon test to help him decide.

  2. rachel frampton

    My dad is planning to buy a house this year, but he would like to learn if it’s free from radon because he heard that the latter is hazardous for our health. Well, I agree with you that it would be best to hire a professional because they’re equipped with the right detectors. You’re also right that they’re knowledgeable in measuring various types of places.

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