Radon Cases and Real Estate

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Below is a short list of articles on radon which I have compiled for you to read. They are mostly news articles regarding radon cases throughout Canada and the United States. Some of them involve tragedies and others are less severe.

This is just a small representation of the many, many cases involving radon throughout Canada and The United States. There are many cases where homeowners have even sued realtors, home-builders, and real-estate lawyers for negligence causing harm or death due to radon.

A Cancer Researcher From The University Of Calgary Talks About Radon

“Radon awareness is advancing faster and faster every year, and we will reach a point I imagine within the next five to 10 years when people will simply consider radon testing a normal part of a home inspection before a home sale or after a major home renovation,” he says. “I expect we will all look back in 10 to 20 years and think how crazy we were not to have been doing this across the board much sooner.”


Certification Of Death Showed Cause Of Death To Be Due To Radon Toxicity – First Ever In The State Of N.D.

In Casselton, N.D., Judith Antoine suffers from health problems a few years after moving into her home and then collapses, later to pass away in the hospital. Andrew Antoine, her son, measured the radon concentration at the sump pump and got a reading of 234 Picocuries per liter which translates to 8,658 Becquerels per cubic meter. The Canadian guideline for radon is 200 Becquerels per cubic meter. The radon decay progeny floating around in her home for her to breath in on a regular, consistent basis and under high concentrations had literally destroyed her lung tissue quickly, making it almost impossible for her to breath and giving her lung cancer too.


Dog and Late Wife Die From Lung Cancer Due To Radon

Mark Nielsen from Barrie, Ontario, had to bury his wife, Lori, as a result of radon poisoning and lung cancer from a house they lived in.


Radon And The Government – Real Estate Transactions And New Homes

“Some groups have lobbied for mandatory testing to be included in all Canadian real estate transactions and Health Canada considered it but abandoned the idea after concerns were raised by the Canadian Real Estate Association. Many states in the U.S. where radon is a problem, such as Montana, do have mandatory testing included in resale home deals. New homes are also being looked at in terms of legislation. Since December 2014, the B.C. Building Code provisions for the rough-in of a subfloor depressurization system now require the installation of a radon vent pipe which extends through and terminates outside the building. The Alberta Building Code was also updated as of Nov. 1, 2015, to include radon mitigation.”


Roberta Bondar Talks About Radon


November Is Radon Awareness Month

Hamilton talks about radon and radon measurements.


The Solution To High Levels Of Radon In your Home

To resolve any radon issue in the house:

First, seal up the basement as airtight as you can. This includes the sump pump, any floor drains, cracks, gaps, holes or around pipes in the floor.

The second thing to do is to install an active sub-slab depressurization system to vent the radon from the ground below the house to the outside.

Have this done by a professional company who have been trained and can show you their credentials. Simon Air Quality is licensed by The Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program to both measure radon and install radon mitigation systems.

Bills Which Address Radon Concerns Will Be Implemented In The Near Future

The laws are changing and soon it will be mandatory for homes that have known radon concentrations to be disclosed prior to any real-estate acquisition. In Canada, the guideline set out by Health Canada may be lowered to meet that of the W.H.O. guideline – 100 Bq/m³.

Different organizations concerned with the health implications of radon are fighting to have legislation passed to help better protect future home-owners and their families. Soon, home builders will be forced to include radon-resistant features in every new build.

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