Long-Term Radon Test Kit


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A radon test with a duration of 90 days or longerYou only need 1 per house; however, if you have a basement and a crawlspace, we recommend getting 2 – place 1 detector in the basement and 1 on the floor above the crawlspace.

This DIY Test Kit Includes:

  • 1 Alpha Track Radon Detector
  • Residential commission so you can input the necessary information and start the test
  • Deployment instructions – The same set of instructions that the professionals follow!
  • Online account credentials – Receive your results sooner than you would by mail
  • Lab report via email
  • Mailer packaging
  • Reduction Guide for Canadians just in case you need it
  • Information sheet on radon risks associated with smoking for any smokers in your house

In addition, this radon detector is…

  1. Analyzed by a highly accredited lab with no hidden fees and quick turnaround time
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. Sold to, and deployed by, people all over the world
  4. More reliable and accurate than the radon test kit you would get from any hardware store


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