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The whole home ventilation system is a centerpiece of today's energy-efficient homes. vänEE introduces its new Gold Series that combines the best performance with the best energy efficiency to provide fresher, purer air in your home at a lower overall operating cost. That's Pure Efficiency.

  • Up to 60% less power consumption
  • Highest heat recovery in cold condition
  • Electronic balancing and no balancing dampers

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  • Recovery type: ERV
  • Exchange rate (CFM):
  • 50/210

  • Position of ports: Top
  • Port diameter: 6 in
  • Comptability of Wall Controls: Gold-Touch Wall Control
  • Filter: MERV 6 grade filters and optional HEPA filtration
  • Warranty on parts (years): 5
  • Warranty on core or thermal wheel (years): 10 years
  • ENERGY STAR © qualified: Yes
  • HVI Certified: Yes


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