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Awair IAQMonitor

  • Measures Temperature, Humidity, CO2, VOCs and Fine Dust (PM2.5, PM10)
  • Offers insights based on your preferences – allergy, sleep, or productivity
  • Gives personalized tips and solutions, including content from the Mayo Clinic
  • LED display, hassle free setup and updates
  • iPhone iOS (8 or later), Android (Jelly Bean 4.3 or later)

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Get to know your Air Awair’s TrueSense technology uses dedicated monitoring and complex analytics to achieve greater accuracy and control. TrueSense analyzes data from high-quality sensors integrated into the device to individually measure temperature/humidity, dust, VOC levels, and CO2. At a glance Check your air quality on the LED display or on your app. The Awair Score (0 to 100 scale) and colors communicate like a stop light. Green is for Good, yellow for Fair and red for Poor. Allergy From dust mites to VOCs, Awair knows what triggers are in the air and helps you avoid allergy or asthma attacks. Sleep You deserve a good night’s sleep every night. Help relieve or decrease the risk of sleep insomnia. Productivity CO2 in the air slows you down. Clean air increases focus and decreases the chance of headaches and dry eyes. Personalized insights Set your preferences to let Awair know what matters to you.

Awair is smart. It learns from your habits and preferences and it tailors recommendations such as Mayo Clinic content, to help you live, work, play and breathe better. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Personalized Air Coach How did you come up with the idea for this product? We both had kids who have suffered from eczema and asthma, skin and respiratory system issues. Frustrated after trying hundreds of different treatments, we decided to build a small device using open source electronics and multiple sensors to track the air quality of our kids’ environment. The result was stunning. We understood one of the roots of the issue was the poor indoor conditions of their rooms, schools, etc. and decided to start this project. What makes your product special?

1. Awair detects air particles more accurately than any other commercially available air quality monitor. Each sensor is first pre-calibrated by the sensor manufacturer and then goes through a chamber-enabled calibration procedure on our production line to maximize accuracy. Also all dedicated sensors are placed into the right location to make enough space for natural airflow and consistent readings. Check out this link – – to learn how Awair is made.

2. Awair is the only product that focuses on providing solutions with actionable tips, personalized recommendations based on user’s data, and that can work with other connected-home devices to help users create ideal environments for sleeping, working, relaxing, etc. It’s much more than just sending alerts when the air is good vs. bad.

3. While most consumer-grade air monitors use one or two sensors that output predicted data, Awair’s technology offers true, dedicated air monitoring. TrueSense brings technology inspired by industry practices to a beautiful, functional consumer product.

4. Awair utilizes both Bluetooth and WiFi to get users up and running quickly and securely. It provides a much more seamless process than the purely WiFi-powered pairing that is common. We also included a pin code to add a layer of security.

5.Awair uses automatic “Over The Air” (OTA) downloads for firmware updates. New features will be periodically added without any user effort required.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

The best part of making Awair has been the fact that we’re building a product that directly affects our well-being. We’re on a mission to provide products that can help all of us be more aware of our environment and start living healthier and happier. The biggest challenge has been finding the best sensors and combining them in building a product that can provide consistent and accurate readings of air quality. It’s also been a tough work designing a user experience that can provide a seamless interaction between the user and Awair device. We encourage you to email us at [email protected] We listen and do our best to update the product and service based on your feedback.


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