Airwash Eliminator 2 x

Airwash Eliminator 2X – Double Scrub HEPA air Filtration Systems

A Powerful 6 Stage Portable Industrial Air Scrubbing Machine for Fast Removal of Dust, Heavy Chemical Fumes or Smoke in Large Rooms, Shops, Labs & More, with 1000 CFM, Up to 2000 Square Foot Coverage and 4 Air Changes Per Hour!

The AirWash Eliminator 2X sends the airflow through 3 sets of filters, then through another set of 3 filters, double scrubbing the air. This allows for much more effective and safer removal of tough chemicals, dust, and biological agents than other air scrubbers sending the polluted air through only one set of filters.

Amaircare AirWash Eliminator 2X Double Scrub HEPA and Carbon Air Filtration System unlike any air scrubber on the market.  The Eliminator 2X features 6-stage filtration system that double scrubs contaminated air to exhaust the cleanest air.

The Eliminator offers a wide array of filter configurations to fit your exact need. The air passes through one 14 in set of filters and then through the second allowing a double scrub of the air to assure all contaminants are removed.

Air Flow (CFM):  1000 (Max)

Service Area:  7500 sq ft (Based on 8 ft ceilings and 1 air change an hour)

Ideal for laser printers or any printer with a vent.  The Eliminator is normally ducted to the machine for maximum results.


Maximum Recommended Area Size:      7500 sq ft or 60,000 ft (provides 1 ACH/hr)

Amaircare AirWash Eliminator 2X Double Scrub HEPA and Carbon Air Filtration System

Classification:  Portable HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) 100% Sealed Air Cleaning Device

Airflow:  1000 CFM with configurations with carbon canisters

HEPA: 100% Sealed HEPA Filter, 99.97% Efficient @ 0.3 Microns

Color:  Blue/Black

Power Consumption:  470 Watts (Max)

Dimensions: 23″W x 340″H x40″L

Weight:  75 lbs. (with HEPA configuration)

Control:  Variable Speed Switch

Materials:  18 Gauge cold rolled steel

Finish: Baked Thermoset Powder Finish

Outflow: 6” Ducted Round Collars

Fresh Air Intake:  6” Ducted Round Collars

Motor:  High Efficiency AC Backward Curved Motor

Voltage:  120 VAC/1 phase/60 Hz Grounded or 240 Volts 50/60 Hz

Protection:  Resistible thermal circuit breaker, thermally protected motor, accessory receptacle with ground fault, circuit interrupter (12 AMP 15 VAC Accessory Load


  • Thermally protected Class “B” insulated backward curved impeller
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Run tested for 50,000 hours
  • Service: 120 VAC/1 phase/60 Hz Grounded or 240 Volts 50/60 Hz

*available in most commercial voltages with standard plugs.

Six-Stage Filtration

The Airwash Eliminator 2X employs a 6-stage in line filtration system that double-scrubs polluted air to exhaust the cleanest air. The filter set up allows for multiple combinations of filters that are easily interchangeable.
  • Stage 1: Carbon Prefilter – Removes dust and odors.
  • Stage 2: HEPA filter – 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns. Removes dust, pollen, bacteria, dander, attached viruses, cigarette smoke, radon progenies and more.
  • Stage 3: V.O.C. filter – Removes gas molecules, including potentially hazardous VOC’s that become airborne when using solvents, finishes, adhesives, complex coatings and vapors.
  • Stage 4: Carbon Prefilter – Removes residual gases.
  • Stage 5: Ultra VOC Canister (optional) – 15lb carbon canister for extreme gaseous chemical adsorption or a second HEPA Filtration Cartridge for maximum particulate and biologicals removal.
  • Stage 6: Upgraded Carbon – Special carbon blends to focus on specific target chemical pollutants.


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