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Airwash Eliminator 2 x


Airwash Eliminator 2X – Double Scrub HEPA air Filtration Systems

A Powerful 6 Stage Portable Industrial Air Scrubbing Machine for Fast Removal of Dust, Heavy Chemical Fumes or Smoke in Large Rooms, Shops, Labs & More, with 1000 CFM, Up to 2000 Square Foot Coverage and 4 Air Changes Per Hour!

The AirWash Eliminator 2X sends the airflow through 3 sets of filters, then through another set of 3 filters, double scrubbing the air. This allows for much more effective and safer removal of tough chemicals, dust, and biological agents than other air scrubbers sending the polluted air through only one set of filters.


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  • DIMENSIONS: 23″W x 40″L x 34″H
  • WEIGHT: 75 lbs (estimate)
  • AIR FLOW (C.F.M.): 1000 CFM delivered
  • POWER USAGE: 470 Watts max, 120v 60hz or 230v 50-60hz
  • CONSTRUCTION: 18 gauge cold rolled steel, Baked Thermoset Powder Finish
  • COLOR(S): Blue / Black
  • INTAKE FLANGE: 6” Round
  • OUTFLOW FLANGE: 6” Round with plastic safety screen
  • CONTROL: OFF/ON,Variable Speed with indicating lights for power ON and Filter Change


  • Up to 2000 Square Feet Coverage with 4 Air Changes Per Hour (assuming 9′ ceiling height)
  • Maximum coverage of 7500 Square Feet with 1 Air Change Per Hour (for general air cleaning)
  • Powerful 1000 CFM with Variable Speed between 250 and 1000 CFM to dial in the exact airflow needed
  • Double Scrubs the Air for Better Fume and Dust Removal
  • Magnahelic Pressure Gauge Indicates When Filters Need Changing
  • Powder-Coated Metal Constuction does not off-gas pollutants like many plastic air cleaner do.
  • Lightweight and Easily Portable
  • Affordable Fume and Dust Removal Solution with Multiple Options
  • Motors and Fans Run Tested for 50,000 hours
  • 5 Year Warranty!
    • Uses & Benefits:

      • Removes Chemical Fume, Dust and Odors Fast in Almost Any Room up to 2000 Square Feet with 4 Air Changes Per Hour
      • Can be attached to Shop Machines or be Ducted to Provide Source Capture Filtration
      • Can Ducted for Positive or Negative Air Use
      • Includes Powerful 6-Stage Customizable Carbon and HEPA Filtration System
      • Easy No-Tools Filter Access for Quick Filter Changes
      • Perfect for clean-room and medical applications
      • Ideal for extreme chemical gas and VOC clean up situations
      • Great for applications with dust and high chemical volumes


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