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This post explains why I created Simon Air Quality. It’s not a super long, crazy sad, or even awe inspiring story, but it allows me to appreciate the field and this company in an awesome way. You see, as a child growing up, I had severely bad allergies. In public school my nose would bleed unexpectedly in class almost once a week. I would have to get up and leave to go to the washroom.

At home I would experience nose bleeds, headaches, and chronic sinus congestion. I would get skin rashes and cough randomly. Of course as I grew up my immune system improved causing these symptoms to decrease in frequency and severity. Well that coupled with the fact that my mom was an obsessive compulsive cleaner. She did her absolute best to keep the house dust and grim free and boy did she do a fine job. I very much love my mom and appreciate her for keeping the house so clean and tidy.

To this day I still have sensitivities to allergens, especially dust. I still get sick and experience brutal headaches from time to time. Once I get fresh air, food, and fluids in me I start feeling better. If I am in a stuffy, stinky room I will start to feel light headed and nauseous, but once i step outside and breath in fresh air, I immediately feel better. I was once a Bell tech and had to visit 4 to 5 houses every day, so I am very familiar with the quality of indoor air being significantly different from house to house.

This made me realize how important clean, healthy air really is. They say that indoor air is 2 to 10 times more polluted than the outside air. I strongly believe it. In fact, I can feel it whenever I walk into a different environment under different conditions. I can smell poor quality air within buildings. My body even tells me about the indoor air by reacting in different ways and showing symptoms like headaches, nausea, stuffed up nose or watery eyes.

Now the general public is becoming more and more aware of harmful gases and compounds floating around in the air within the average house; thus, we are becoming more and more active in removing or reducing these things. So now I not only believe, but I know for certain that indoor air is much more polluted than outside air.

Don’t worry though, I have been learning more and more about this field and I want to take what I have learned and apply it in order for everyone to be able to breath in healthy, clean, non-toxic air within their own home. I will do my part in educating the public.

I will offer effective, innovative, reliable means of improving indoor air quality through various services and products at an affordable price for everyone. I am HVAC certified and radon certified. I will do my absolute best to ensure clean, healthy air inside anyone’s home. That is my mission and that is what I have dedicated my new found company to.

Simon Air Quality focuses on every aspect around indoor air quality including how to manage the air inside ones own home so that it’s safe to breath in and comfortable to live in. The services offered by Simon Air Quality include: testing/measuring indoor air for any toxins and/or contaminants, mitigating and/or removing indoor air pollutants, and finally… monitoring of the indoor air quality.

Why would any of these services be required you ask? Inside air is actually much more polluted than the outside air. This is for various reasons. The most crucial variable involved in indoor air quality is ventilation. Without proper ventilation, air becomes stale, gases build up in the house, humidity builds up and condenses, dust collects, etc etc.

Simon Air Quality facilitates this and much much more. Don’t waste another second breathing in potentially harmful air within your home. Call Simon Air Quality and get your air tested right away. Don’t wait. We will be there for you.

Have a healthy breathing day!

– Mark Simon, President/Owner of Simon Air Quality

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