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Review of “The Defender” by Filter Queen.

So today I decided to do a review of the Defender. The Defender is an indoor air purifiers designed for home or office use. It is made by Filter Queen. I recently had a free, in-home, demonstration of it done about a week ago. The demonstration of the product was fantastic and informative. In addition to that, I did my own research on the Defender by looking online, asking people about it, and contacting a distributor in B.C. called HealthTek Inc to ask them questions. The following is what I have discovered about the product and the marketing/selling tactics used by the distributors.

Let me first start off by saying that the Defender is an amazing product. During the demonstration of the Majestic, which is their signature vacuum that utilizes the same type of design as the Defender, the Defender was left in a bedroom in my house for about an hour with the door and window closed. When we came back to it after the demonstration on the vacuum was complete, we walked into the room and we instantly felt a difference. It was like we were outside in the nature. The air was so crisp, clean, and easy to breath in. It felt wonderful and no air-borne particles could be seen.

The Defender is so effective at cleaning indoor air for 3 reasons. Number one, unlike a standard/typical air purifier, the Defender sucks in air from all around it like a vortex. The stale, polluted air is sucked into the Defender through the sides all around the device. The clean air is expelled through the top of the Defender and it is very powerful at blowing the air. Number two, the Defender uses a HEPA filter that’s capable of removing things that are 0.1 microns in size or bigger.

That covers all the common indoor air contaminants, where a standard HEPA filter will remove air-borne contaminants that are 0.3 microns in size or bigger. Number three, the Defender comes with a carbon filter that can filter out common stenches/smells. In addition to that, the motor is completely encased and protected so that no dirt and dust will get to it, making the unit last longer without losing efficiency.

So if this air purifier is so good, how come you don’t see it on the shelf in retail/hardware stores? How come we don’t see television ads or banners that advertise this wonderful product? If it is so great, what are the manufacturers so afraid of? What are they hiding? What is their reluctance to compete with other companies?

Filter Queen is only leaving revenue on the table by not using these mediums, while looking suspicious in the process. In addition, the cost for replacement parts and filters is outrageous – $200 for a wand and $100 for a bare floor brush? What?!! That’s insane. Just outrageous. This leads me to the next part of this review – the distributors of this wonderful product and how they sell the Defender.

So after having the demo done, researching the product online, talking to people in person about the product, and calling this distributor in B.C. to talk to him about possibly having SAQ market and sell the product, this is what I concluded:

  1. Filter Queen will only supply distributors/agencies with the Defender and/or Majestic if the distributor agrees to only sell them by means of in-house demonstrations. Distributors cannot advertise and sell these products online or in-store. Again, just a huge loss of potential revenue.
  2. The distributors of this product are marking it up way too high. They are trying to sell them for at least 3 times the market price. Why would anyone buy a Defender or Majestic from one of these distributors, who they have never even heard of before, when they can take 2 minutes to go online and order one for a third of the price? Furthermore, anyone can pick up an air purifier for a couple hundred dollars, which would suffice for most people who have allergies, asthma, immune system complications, etc.
  3. The companies doing the in-house demonstration use scare tactics, misconceptions, guilt, and comparisons to sell the product. The demonstrators state that typical air filters can trap air contaminants that are 0.3 microns in size or larger. They say that is only 2 or 3 percent effective because the other 98% of air-borne contaminants in our indoor air (things we can’t see with the naked eye) are not being filtered out by typical air purifiers. Instead, they are being put back into the air. They will tell you that the Defender, because it can filter out contaminants 0.1 in size or bigger, will be able to remove that other 98%. Ok well if this is true, why do hospitals, factories, and medical supply manufactures use HEPA (0.3 microns)? Why wouldn’t they use the same, or better, filter as the Defender and Majestic? These settings have the most demand for the best air filters on the market. Even industrial air-scrubbers (high-powered air purifiers) use 0.3 micron HEPA filters. In addition, if you click here: https://www.naturalsolutions1.com/whathepa.htm and then scroll down just a little past half way on the page, you will see a list of common indoor air contaminants and their size in microns. A typical, standard HEPA filter (0.3 microns) will be able to filter out all of these contaminants except for viruses. This proves that their claims about their filter and common HEPA filters to be wrong.
  4. The distributors, or whoever is going door-to-door selling these products, have no problem ripping people off and then making it extremely hard for people to return the product if they don’t like it for whatever reason. There are all kinds of online reviews from people all over Canada and The United States who have had bad experiences with the distributors. The people who are conned, or dishonestly persuaded, into purchasing the Defender or Majestic and who have later done some research online, discover that they had been ripped off and go through the efforts of getting their money back. According to the reviews, it is not at all easy to get a refund. Filter Queen doesn’t sell the products so you can’t go to them. The distributors have very little information, including contact information, about their company posted online anywhere. Also, when I was talking to the gentleman on the phone, I had mentioned to him about my experience with the in-home demonstration. I also pointed out how the distributor in Ottawa was using a very shady approach to sell these units and how they are grossly overpricing the Defender and/or Majestic. His response was… “Well if you have such negative opinions about it, why would you want to sell our products?”. My response was… “I love the product. I think the Defender is amazing. I want one for my own personal use. I think it’s great! However, the people who are representing/marketing/selling the Defender are doing so in an unethical, immoral, and very questionable manner. Also, the mark-up on the products is just way too much. You need to respect the market.” He responded by saying, “We have nothing further to discuss.” and hung up the phone. Wow, so he didn’t argue what I said. He didn’t defend these distributors. He only retorted with a very ignorant, snobby attitude before hanging up on me. I don’t care who you are, where you are from, or what you represent, this kind of practice is bad business, period. No one, it doesn’t matter who you are, can rip people off from their hard earned money and then provide poor, or even non-existent, customer service and expect no consequences in return. People do not forget and people will not give up if they feel they have been wronged. Also, the number one rule when doing business…”You don’t f*** with a mans money.”

So once again, I love the Defender. I think it works great and looks great too. I think it’s much too overpriced. I would never buy one from any of the distributors and I will do my best to save anyone time and money by informing people of the truth like I am doing through this blog.

The guy who gave me the demonstration said he sold a Defender and Majestic to someone but now he regrets it. In fact, he wants to go back to that customers house and come clean with him. He wants to tell the customer that he ripped him off and that if he wants this product for cheaper, to find it online and get it shipped to him. That way he would save thousands of dollars.

If anyone is considering buying an air purifier for their home or office, please do your research first. If you would like some help finding the most suitable air-purifier for your needs and preferences, give Simon Air Quality a call. There exists so many different makes and models with so many different features and specifications. We would be more than happy to help you find the right fit and we promise we won’t charge you an arm and a leg for it.


Mark S.

Owner/President, Simon Air Quality

One Comment

  1. Joan Rodriguez

    Thank you for writing this article. I once was going to sell Filter Queen’s vacuum and air purifier systems. I quit soon after I started because of a few reasons. One was that it would be my only income and I felt I wouldn’t make enough money soon enough to pay the bills (although that was just my lack of confidence based on my own self-concept and the price of these units). I also felt uncomfortable with the demonstration that I had to do. I did go to my sister’s house to do a demo and as I was holding the vacuum cleaner (I mean “all surface cleaner”), I could hardly hold all the parts and ring the doorbell. I realized that in the winter when there would be snow on the ground that I would have to make two trips to keep from putting anything down on the ground. One part of the demo made me nervous. We were to swing the vacuum cleaner by the cord (to show the durability) and jump on it as well. Since I would be an independent contractor, I saw possible liability issues and insurance needed as well. What if during the time I was swinging the vacuum, I broke something expensive or what if I fell off the vacuum cleaner while jumping on it and hurt myself in the client’s home? I would feel bad that I caused this sort of problem. I was sold however, on the products and decided that I would buy one someday. (on ebay used, not new). I did end up buying a defender air filter on ebay. I don’t use it like I should but I am going to start doing it now. I am wondering if an aftermarket filter is just as good as the costly genuine filter from Filter Queen though. I think this company should sell these differently and to keep up with the technology and ways people buy these days (like online). Anyway, I am glad I read this blog because I found what I have been wanting to see for so long and that is a whole house air filtration system that can be built into the home and when I build a new home, I already have this site bookmarked in my folder, “Future home” for products that I want to possibly buy when I design and build a home so thanks again.

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