How to Take Asbestos Material Sample

Introduction Asbestos can be described as a mineral that occurs naturally with compositions of tightly packed fibers to offer resistance to fire, heat, and other environmental conditions. They are strong, durable, and highly insulated against noise and cold weather. Hence, they are widely used in the building manufacturing of fireproof,...


ASBESTOS EXPOSURE AND CANCER RISK Before we start off this article, it is good to first know what asbestos really is. So, what is asbestos? Asbestos is a group of minerals occurring naturally as fiber bundles. These fibers are found in rocks and soils in several parts of the world....


Intro Indoor pollution has become very rampant in the modern world. What exactly is contained in the so-called indoor air pollutants ? The chemicals and harmful gasses vary in the level of harm from one pollutant to another. Following is a list of pollutants composition in indoor air. Carbon monoxide...

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