Asbestos insulation is most commonly found in vermiculite and can potentially exist in any house built before 1990. The production of asbestos in insulation officially stopped in 1985. Today, however, asbestos exists in many commercial and industrial products and materials; many of which are continuing to be produced.

These things include anything from ceiling tiles to break pads to even fire blankets! Asbestos fibers can be found in such a wide variety of things simply because it does such a good JOB at insulating heat.

With an increased awareness of the health implications associated with the inhalation of asbestos fibers, homeowners, real estate agents, and corporations are implementing regulations and rebates to slowly but ultimately cease the use, and eradicate the presence, of asbestos. In 2011 the Canada Revenue Agency offered a tax rebate of up to $1500.00 for the upgrading of insulation to a value of R50 while also removing insulation contaminated with asbestos. Safe alternatives to vermiculite insulation that do not contain asbestos are both Blown-in cellulose and Pink Styrofoam respectively.To learn more about asbestos, visit our blog page about asbestos and health risks.

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