11 Great Tips To Combat Your Indoor Air Quality Problems

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Did you know that the air you breathe at home is often more heavily polluted than the air outside of your home?

This was the result of a study which also found that the adverse effects depends on individual sensitivities as well as specific types and levels of pollutants. In other words, indoor air quality is something that should be properly controlled and something that every homeowner should focus on in order to prevent fatigue, skin and eye-rashes, as well as a variety of diseases and disorders.

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A Solid Plan To Tackle Indoor Air Quality Problems In Your Home (Or Office)

The best way to combat the indoor air quality problems in your homes is by doing the following.

  1. Don’t allow smoking inside your home – By banning smoking in your home, you will breathe a clearer air. This, according to many, is the single best thing that you can do to ensure proper indoor air quality.
  2. Adjust your windows – Open your windows and use fans to blow the air outside. However, make sure to keep the windows closed on high-pollution days or when you have seasonal allergies and when pollen counts are high.
  3. Vent your appliances – Your oven, clothes dryer and other appliances are all sources of heated air. Make sure to properly vent them and prevent dust from flying around your home.
  4. Prevent mold – Keep your indoor humidity below 50% in order to prevent mold growth. Use your air conditioner in warm and humid weather only. If you use it in the winter, make sure to regularly disinfect it.
  5. Air your bathroom – Your bathroom must be properly vented. The best way to do that is to use the fan when you are showering or bathing. Just open the window, run the vent fan and disperse the bathroom smells.
  6. Avoid scented products – Your scented candles and air fresheners definitely smell great. However, they also pollute your indoor air with potential carcinogens (paradichlorobenzene and limonene) and spread polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the air.
  7. Limit your beauty products – Hair sprays, nail polish and spray perfumes are best used in well-ventilated areas.
  8. Skip mothballs – The fumes produced by mothballs can make you sick if inhaled in sufficient amounts. To combat moths, make sure to clean clothes before storing them and store them in in airtight containers without mothballs.
  9. Air-dry your clean clothes – Newly dry-cleaned clothes can raise pollution levels in your home. Make sure to air dry them and therefore ensure proper indoor air quality.
  10. Wash your new fabrics – Cotton fabrics, linens and towels should be washed before using them. This is the best way to get rid of sizing and other chemicals.
  11. Use a doormat – Believe it or not, a doormat can be a great way to track in pesticides, dirt and other kinds of pollutants which can easily get wiped off when someone enters your home. As an additional tip, make sure to force your guests to remove their shoes before entering your home.

Preventing Diseases And Disorders – One Tip At A Time

Many homeowners do not know that low air quality has a big effect on their health – as well as mood. It can be caused by a number of factors such as pollution from the outside, poor building materials as well as emissions.

The truth is, we are living in a fast-paced world and an era of industrialization. So, the fastest way to check your home’s air quality is by using an indoor air quality testing kit, which can be bought from Amazon or your nearest hardware store.

As you can see from the tips mentioned above, the best ways to ensure proper indoor air quality is to ventilate, keep your AC units spotless, keep your sheets and clothes clean and limit the use of any artificial air fresheners or products that release potential contaminants in the air. If there is a source of air contaminants you have no control over like VOCs or mold, then a great solution would be a portable or central air purifier.

Schedule A Consultation Today – Optimize Your Indoor Air Quality

At Simon Air Quality, we pride ourselves on helping homeowners in Ottawa improve their indoor air quality with the right tactics and methods. We specialize in control, maintenance and protection of indoor air quality – and can help you get rid of your mould, asbestos, VOC or radon contaminants from your home or office.

If you are interested in learning more about us, you can schedule an appointment with us.

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