Asbestos Testing


Asbestos is a mineral fiber that occurs in rock and soil. Asbestos has been used in building construction because of its strength.Exposure to

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Mold Testing


Mould is fungi that lives inside and outside on various surfaces, in a humid and warm environment. Mould consumes materials like drywall and…

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Volatile Organic Compounds


Volatile Organic Compounds are groups of carbon-based chemicals that evaporate easily at room temperature. People, especially young children…

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radon mitigation system


Radon is produced naturally from the direct decay of the isotope radium-226, which is found in rocks. In some places, high concentrations of radon can build…

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carbon monoxide


The main cause of accidental exposure to carbon monoxide (CO) is when household appliances that burn natural resources – gas stoves, furnaces, boilers, hot water tanks…

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carbon dioxide


Carbon Dioxide is a natural bi-product produced by combustion of wood and hydrocarbon-rich fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas.When exposed to CO2…

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Healthy Air is our Business & Your Health is our Goal

Why is radon important?

Healthy Air is our Business & Your Health is our Goal

Radon is a dangerous gas that could be lurking in your home without your knowledge. It has been blamed for 20,000 yearly deaths from lung cancer, and is currently the second-leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking. How can you be sure that your family isn’t at risk? A professional

radon testing can tell you if the radon levels in your home are dangerous.

Radon gas forms as the result of uranium decaying in soil. The radioactive gas is released from the soil and travels upward into the air. Radon becomes harmful when it travels through a house and becomes trapped inside. The gas builds up and can become a carcinogen if it is not removed. The leading radon mitigation methods that can be used are best left to professional radon mitigation contractors.

professional radon testing

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