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Air Pollution – Causes and Effects and How to Reduce It

AIR POLLUTION – CAUSES, EFFECTS, AND HOW TO REDUCE IT Pollution is now a very common term. We hear about it and its various types everywhere we go. Air pollution is one such type that means air contamination irrespective of outside or indoors. A biological, physical, or chemical alteration to air can be called air pollution. It mostly happens when

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Composition of Pollutants in our Indoor Air

Intro Indoor pollution has become very rampant in the modern world. What exactly is contained in the so-called indoor pollutants? The chemicals and harmful gasses vary in the level of harm from one pollutant to another. Following is a list of pollutants composition in indoor air. Carbon monoxide Formaldehyde Benzene Nitrogen dioxide Naphthalene These are the highest, most dangerous indoor

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