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About the Owner

Mr. Simon has suffered from symptoms associated to allergies and VOCs since he was just a little child. Mark would get headaches and nose pleads as a child on a regular basis.These never went away on their own. He would see doctors and specialists, only to receive medication and antihistamines. Later in life Mr. Simon learned more about the environment, indoor air quality, ventilation, clean air, and natural and mechanical methods of improving his health. Mr. Simon discovered that the best way to address any negative health implication is to look at the mechanics, design, and functionality of the environment we as humans find ourselves in. Because it’s so easy to breathe in harmful things within the environment, Mark decided to start a business that is dedicated to educating those who are conflicted with the same types of health problems that he experienced while at the same time offering superior solutions/methods to resolving poor indoor air quality. Mr. Simon wants to aid anyone to overcome their indoor air issue and therefore improve their quality of life.

Mark spent many years, time, and energy learning about various disciplines that he can now utilize together in the most effective way possible. Some of the credentials/certifications earned through Mark’s career include: HVAC license, indoor air quality inspector from INTerNACHI, radon measurement certification, radon mitigation certification.

In addition, Mark is constantly learning and growing in the field – utilizing new concepts, improving old concepts, and spreading awareness pertaining to what he has learned.


Simon Air Quality is a leader in indoor air-quality management. We have a team of experts and over 10 years of experience in the industry to put to work for you.



We strongly believe that breathing fresh, clean air is at the core of a healthy home. We can provide you with indoor air quality solutions that the home owner can appreciate. Our products are industry leading, exceeds customers expectations, and we believe in prompt delivery and easy after sales support.



We are committed to extend our leadership position in the provision of rental equipment and associated services that meet:

  • – Customer expectations
  • – Legal and statutory requirements
  • – Codes of practice



At Simon Air Quality, we have prepared ourselves to safeguard the atmosphere and environment we all share by implementing high environmental standards in our work-space – striving hard day and night to create a better place to live with the support of the tools and techniques that we provide.


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